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Green Solutions

At Canby Signs & Graphics we do our best to make sure we provide you with unique and trendsetting material for print. We pride ourselves on looking for solutions that we know you as the client will appreciate and find true value in. Just one example of this is the new line of NatureWoven™ all natural and sustainable products.


The NatureWoven™ range of products have been specifically developed for use within the printing industry to replace traditional oil based media. These products are ultimately aimed for use by client wishing to promote their products, brands or corporate social responsibility through the use of 100% natural materials. All products are environmentally-friendly and stand out for their natural look and feel. The exclusive use of natural fibers and latex also makes these sustainable products biodegradable and compostable.

The development of these products had to satisfy the following strict design & production criteria:


  • Made from natural materials that did not need large amounts of industrial processing

  • Able to be printed on industry standard machines to a high level compared to alternatives

  • Sold at a price point comparable to industry standard products – no premium for green


The important reasons why we choose to bring you NatureWoven™:


  • Waste reduction by composting produces a natural fertilizer

  • 100% natural and non-petrol based

  • Large amount of CO2 absorbed during growth of the raw materials

  • Supporting local communities growing jute and organic cotton

  • Natural texture showing environmental-friendliness at first glance

  • Low energy consumption in production process (10% of the energy used in alternative products)

  • Annually renewable nature of raw materials

  • No waste from jute or organic cotton as all parts of the plants are used

  • High quality printed results 

Can be disposed of at the end of their life within commercial composting facilities, thereby requiring no landfill


The substrates can be disposed of by composting to create natural fertilizers to improve soil quality and replace standard chemical fertilizers. Shredded substrates will compost within 2-3 weeks and break down the original volume by up to 90%.


*Advice on how to manage a compost successfully is readily available on the Internet. >> US Composting Council


The Products

< NatureWoven™Chorus :


NatureWoven™ Chorus is our digitally-printable textured jute burlap backed with natural latex. The raw materials are entirely natural and biodegradable. Jute is grown as a sustainable rain crop by family farms in developing countries and requires very little fertilizer or pesticides to produce. During the 3 month growing season, 2.5 acres of jute plants absorbs approximately 15 tons of CO2.


< NatureWoven™Gossyp :


NatureWoven™ Gossyp is a digitally-printable natural organic cotton backed with natural latex. The raw materials in this substrate are also entirely natural and biodegradable. With the cotton base, we can achieve a white natural look and feel as well as make use of the smooth surface to create a high definition print. During the growth period, one hectare of cotton plants absorbs approximately 11 tonnes of CO2 and releases 8 tons of oxygen.

Some of the advantages of printing your large format with us include

  • Floor Graphics

  • Window Graphics

  • Graphic Kits

  • Fleet Graphics

  • Signs


  • Backlite

  • Static Cling

  • Displays

  • Reflective Vinyl

  • Canvas & Other Print Media


  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Banners

  • Posters

  • Decals

  • Wall Murals


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